SBS stands for Shibilski/Bartsch/Scott.
We are more than just "a tax person". We handle financials, bookkeeping, and reconciliation.

Ruth Shibilski has been with the firm since 2008, and has been the Owner since 2012. She is from Waukesha, WI, and is recognized by the Continental Who's Who as a 2017 Professional of the Year in the Field of Accounting.

In the accounting industry for over twenty years, Ruth worked as an Accountant and Office Manager at Ronald G. Bartsch, CPA, CFP, for several years before acquiring Mr. Bartsch's business in 2015.

Now, as both a business owner and accounting professional, Ruth works in the areas of accounts payable/receivable, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping, credit card reconciliation, expense reduction, forecasting/growth, innovative idea implementation, fixed assets, and general ledger, as well as individual and corporate tax returns and strategic planning.

She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women. Ruth enjoys spending time with her family and reading outside of work. Charitably, she supports organizations such as United Way, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and the Wisconsin Waterfowl.

Throughout the course of her education and training, Ruth earned two Bachelor's degrees; one in Accounting and the other in Finance, with a minor in German. She is QuickBooks certified and well-versed in other accounting and tax software.

SBS Tax focuses on:
Beauty Salons, Schools, Contractors, Property Management, Food and Beverage, Restaurants, and Liquor Stores.

We handle both business and personal taxes and accounting, including having an on-staff Tax Attorney.